Alu-Zinc Raised Fielded Doors

Our steel sectional doors are made from superior graded 0,5mm Zinc-Alum steel material which is woodgrain embossed. The steel is pressed to create a natural looking “woodgrain” texture that creates a beautiful wood like effect and the embossing also increases the rigidity and strength of the material. The Zinc-Alum material is durable and require minimal maintenance..

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  • Low Maintenance
  • Raised & Fielded Block Sections
  • Available in 2 block sizes (10 Panel & 20 Panel)
  • Woodgrain embossed material
  • 5 hinged panel section door
  • Quality Hardware
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation


  • White
  • Buffalo Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Bronze
  • Doors can be powder coated to a wide range of standard and special colours.

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Sizes Available:

  • Standard Single 2440mm (Width) X 2130mm (Height)
  • Single Caravan 2440mm (Width) X 2550mm (Height)
  • Standard Double 4880mm (Width) X 2130mm (Height)
  • Double Caravan 4880mm (Width) X 2550mm (Height)
  • Custom size doors are available on request.
  • Maximum size up to 5400mm (Width) X 2650mm (Height)

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