Clear View Roller Shutter Doors

The robust aluminium construction combined with a roller shutter curtain made from alternating durable polycarbonate slats interlinked with strong extruded aluminium connecting rods provides a robust barrier with protection and security from intruders and dust while allowing clear vision through the roller shutter for maximum visibility and light transmission.

Clear View roller shutters are easy to use and operate with both manual and electric remote control options.

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Industrial Garage Door - Design

Hexagonal shaped canopy that appears smaller than square box

Neat finish achieved by using flat bars to join guides to support beams

Wide range of available styled slats for freedom of choice in design and visibility

Industrial Garage Doors Expert Advice

Every shutter is custom-made to order to suit residential, commercial and industrial applications. The choice of material, finish and operation is discussed with each customer to find a perfect match for individual needs


  • Security – Clear View polycarbonate roller shutters increase the security of your business and are a visible deterrent to would-be intruders.
  • Extremely strong – polycarbonate is also used to construct Police riot shields.
  • Great visibility – 90% visibility, the highest of any roller shutter.
  • Ultra reliable – Up to three times the life of ordinary shutters.
  • Virtually silent running – unique for a high security roller shutter.
  • Colours – Aluminium can be powder coated to a wide range of standard and special colours.
  • Low Maintenance

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Clear View aluminium and polycarbonate roller shutters are the perfect solution for a range of commercial shop front applications.

  • Shopping centre roller shutter;
  • Shop window roller shutter;
  • Retail outlet roller shutter;
  • Service counter roller shutter;
  • Bar, pub, hotel and other hospitality industry roller shutter;
  • Kitchen roller shutter;
  • Food counter roller shutter;
  • Cafe and restaurant roller shutter; and Kiosk roller shutter.

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