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Meranti Timber Garge Doors

In addition to our standard industry norm meranti timber garage doors, we also manufacture a wide variety of custom design meranti timber garage doors. These custom garage doors are available in a wide selection of designs and decorative studs options. Our range of Meranti Timber Garage doors combine natural beauty with durability and with a wide variety design options and proven aesthetics it will complement almost any home or office space.

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Standard Designs:

  • Gothic Design
  • Gothic II Design
  • Rustic Design
  • Rustic II Design
  • Castle Design
  • Stable Design
  • Studded Design
  • Tuscan Studded Design
  • Framed Vertical Design

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Sizes Available:

  • Standard Single 2440mm (Width) X 2130mm (Height)
  • Single Caravan 2440mm (Width) X 2500mm (Height)
  • Standard Double 4880mm (Width) X 2130mm (Height)
  • Double Caravan 4880mm (Width) X 2500mm (Height)
  • Custom size doors are available on request.
  • Maximum size up to 5950mm (Width) X 3000mm (Height)

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