8 Panel Hinge Doors

8 Panel Hinge Doors
8 Panel Hinge Door

Our high-quality timber doors are manufactured in South Africa, from locally grown timber, harvested from sustainable forests.

Since 1946, every Krazi Door product has been manufactured to achieve the highest quality standard, ensuring our position as the leading door manufacturer.

We have crafted this door using the best Saligna timber, to deliver reliability and beauty, confidently supported by a 10-year warranty.

Standard size: 813mm x 2032mm

This product is manufactured to adapt to the varying conditions of the environment. Due to its nature, it is inevitable that it will move during the course of its life. This door has been designed and built to accommodate various changes. Following the instructions will help ensure that the product is maintained to its full potential.


  • Handle with care and store doors on a flat surface or a dry surface.
  • Be sure to store them in a well-ventilated building.
  • Before treatment, doors should be protected from direct sunlight and stacked with spacing to avoid damage.
  • Protect doors during operations.


  • KD Timber advises against hiring unqualified carpenters.
  • Do not fit the lock in line with the rail, as this may lead to cutting away from the rail-joint.
  • Lock mortice should be kept to the minimum size.
  • When test-fitting the door, ensure that the door is hung as accurately as possible within the frame.
  • Once the fit has been achieved, remove the ironmongery from the frame and the door and then fit it down to the bare timber doorframe.
  • Lightly sand door and once finished, clean with a soft cloth.
  • Apply 2 coats of exterior timber sealer to all 6 faces. Be sure to seal the top and bottom edges and lock and hinge cut-outs.
  • All 6 faces must be re-sealed with 2 coats of reputable exterior timber sealer once hanged into final position.
  • All edges must be sealed with a minimum 3 coats exterior timber sealer.
  • Ensure that the door is NOT painted with dark paint or darkly stained as it will damage the door from a thermal load factor.


  • It is important to thoroughly inspect the door at least once every 6 months.
  • Reseal doors at least once a year to maintain their maximum life.
  • Ensure that remedial work is taken care of regularly, depending on weather damage.
  • When resealing KD Timber products, make sure to use a reputable exterior timber sealer that is approved by the manufacturer.
  • This timber door will start to deteriorate once their sealer is no longer effective. They require attention to maintain their appearance.
  • The top and bottom edges of a door are more prone to deterioration than the other parts. This means that they require special attention when performing maintenance.


A KD Timber door carries a 10-year warranty:

  • It is subject to adherence of all above mentioned requirements.
  • Natural variations in colour or surface texture are not considered defects.
  • Should the product be found to contain latent defects, KD Timber with their discretion will: Repair or replace it without charge (only if the door is in original supplied state).
  • Due to the nature of timber movement, its natural characteristics cannot be ignored. Slight movement around joints and panels can be considered natural phenomena.
  • Warps will not be considered a defect if the exceed 6mm deviation in the plane (standard 2032mm height). Warping can include cup, twist and bow.
  • No warranty can be given against excessive warping of doors.
  • Dark paint and stain can result in excessive thermal loads, which can lead to product failure.
  • If found that an excess of 6mm is planed off and of the 4 edges, no warranty can be given.
  • No warranty can be given if the KD Timber door is not treated and/or maintained according to the above-mentioned requirements.

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