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We like to believe that we have got everything covered when it comes to garage doors. For that reason we offer a variety of services that are available to assist end users and our professional partners.


Krazi Door offers servicing for all garage doors regardless of where they may have been purchased. An assessment will quickly identify where you current garage doors may need a little TLC.
Our Authorised team of installers have what it takes to install any door. Whether it be industrial or commercial doors we have the right person for the job ready and eager to install to Krazi Doors exceptionally high standards.
Our team of experienced consultants will gladly come to site to measure and advise on what the best products will be for you for your opening.
As with all things that have moving parts, garage doors need servicing too. Krazi Door offer service contracts to developers and property managers. This is the best way to extend the life of your garage door and ensure it works effortlessly always

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