Chromadek Double Roll Up Garage Door
Chromadek Double Roll Up Garage Door

Chromadek Double Roll Up Garage Door

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Security is a major consideration when we design and manufacture our Chromadek Roll Up door range. The door itself is a continuous curtain made from pieces of pressed steel with a double bar locking system for extra strength and security. The end product is a low maintenance garage door that combines superior durability and strength, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Ideal for residential or commercial use.


  • Efficient work over a long period of time
  • Superior locking system
  • Fits most garage door openings without taking up too much space
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Cost effective and low maintenance


  • Innovative guide lugs can be adjusted for ease of installation.
  • The square corrugated design adds rigidity and strength to the curtain.
  • U-shaped aluminium bottom rail for added strength to curtain.
  • Full axle wraparound for extra strength.
  • An ideally shaped and balanced drum wheel ensures ease of operation.
  • Centrally located lock and handle combination with locking bars on both sides of the door ensure improved security and easy opening.
  • A rubber weather strip minimizes gaps on uneven floors and keeps out the wind and dust.
  • A nylon insert at the top of the track ensures no damage to the nylon felt and smoother operation.
  • A galvanised shaft is fitted with two springs and curtain wheels that allow easy automation.

White, Brown, Charcoal, Bronze, Beige, Silver, Green


Double 4880mm (W) x 2130mm (H)


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